Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stray Dog Arts

About a month ago, I was getting coffee at the Linden Hills Dunn Bros. and noticed the local artwork they had on their walls. They were oil portraits of dogs and people with their dogs, and they looked gorgeous. I took note of the artist, and told myself to remember to look up Stray Dog Arts when I got back home.

Of course, I forgot.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later, I was wandering the Uptown Art Fair with my sister in law, and found that Stray Dog Arts had a booth set up!  I looked over her work and was amazed again.  While I would LOVE to have a portrait of Lucy done by her, it's a little out of my price range at the moment (custom pieces start at $1,600).  I decided to check out her etsy site anyways, and ended up falling in love with a little 4"x4" wood block print which was well in my price range (only $25).  It came in the mail today, and I wanted to share how darling it is!

Can you figure out why I love it so much??

Lucy and her print!  See the resemblance?

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